Instructions for use Urotrin

Drug Urotrin represent powder, packed a bag a la carte. Purchasing vehicles that will get a little box a person fits into bag 12. Very simple and fast consumed the drug, its effect doesn't last long. Eat, drink does not cause a problem, and a net regime, a tool that should be taken accordingly, indicate a quick effect.

Instructions for use Rotring

To see the effect, application tools, and to be consumed at least twice a day. In order to get rid of the following statement, in a short period of illness:

  1. It has an interior bag, a bag that is designed for you to get a admit.
  2. You need an empty glass, pour a bag of content.
  3. Preferably, pour with hot water and powder. Optionally, more cold.
  4. Before use, mix thoroughly the tool to mix the powder completely melted water.
  5. Experts in driving, half an hour before meals to see the desired effect.
  6. According to, on average, already after a couple of use the conditions of the relief.
  7. Minimum course should not use the drug at least a month.

Consumption indications

Drug Urotrin shows men over the age of 50 that are faced with age-related changes. But at an early age and getting permission. If you can be consumed, dysfunctions, erectile function, inflammation, pain, and other unpleasant symptoms. Applicable as a preventive measure.


Complex Urotrin contraindicated to persons 18 years addicting. If you have a negative reaction to the drug that can be caused by individual intolerance of certain components present consists of. Kidney disease, liver, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal system and should be treated with supplements be careful buy. When it occurs, may immediately suspend the intake of uncomfortable symptoms.