Urethritis — this disease is a typical manifestation is inflammation of the urethra. The most brilliant, the symptoms expressed by urethritis pain during urination, occur at the same time, discharge in the urethra. Patients who are diagnosed with this disease in both sexes.


Any urethritis

Urethritis – a contagious disease, therefore, due to the impact of the development of the infectious agent. That may be so, viruses, fungi, bacteria, and others rarely encountered a particular disease, radiation, toxic, allergic, and some other species it applies to.

Depending developing due to exposure to any stimulus urethritis, there are two different types of disease: urethritis, specific and nonspecific. In the first case, view-to provoke specific urethritis (chlamydia, gonococcus, ureaplasma, and others) can be combined with the exposure to other infections such as viruses, fungi and bacteria-in this case, it may be too much in the body infections. In this case, the more complex the disease, generally, when a person catches in the acute stage, chronic disease.

Non-specific urethritis, conditionally pathogenic microflora because of the exposure of the user. His appearance provoke staphylococci, streptococci, enteric sticks, mushrooms, etc. The disease in either case, self-developing and almost equal. But very important, given that in case of detection of genital infection all sexual partners of the patient necessary examination and treatment course.

Features of urethritis

Usually the manifestation's specific urethritis after sexual intercourse. However, this a person is a carrier of infection for a specific period of time, and captures. In this case, a disease could be himself at any time. Sexual contact may occur, and because of non-specific urethritis.

Why the wall of the urethra to inflammation immune development channel. Constantly in the urethra are already infected infection occurs through contact, blood, intestines, skin, and other places. An especially strong infection that occurs in the process of sexual intercourse. Therefore, it can cope with the long wall of the urethra, infection, disease do not develop. The slightest glitch happens but if the defense mechanisms is accompanied by an inflammatory process that occurs in all the accompanying symptoms.

Urethritis in men

There are a number of factors, the emergence of the disease in the process are often favorable. First of all, urethritis, can occur in both men and women because a one-time or continuous dress warmly and stay dry. Occur the affected people in the presence of urethritis, urolithiasis. Time progresses, you may experience urinary sand or stones in the walls of the canal and subsequent injury is quite an event, urethritis. Predisposition, illness, injury, penis, heavy physical activity, an irregular sexual life. However, very high activity can lead to the development of its partners and frequent exchange of reproductive disease. It is not recommended to use very often, spicy foods, salty as well as acidic foods, pickled vegetables, large amounts of alcohol. Import, urine, similar items of food, a channel to a boring wall. The progress that may occur at the end of an already existing inflammation or disease.

A provocative factor of symptoms of urethritis, frequent drinking to be insufficient: delay bacteria in the body that provoke irregular urination, urine washes them ultimately wall, and bladder. Between the crusades in the toilet of a break of a few hours significantly increases the risk of inflammation. Urethritis may also occur on a background of chronic inflammations which occur in the body.

Therefore, there are a lot of factors there may be, then, a decisive improvement urethritis. Therefore, this disease may occur to any person.

Symptoms of urethritis

Already initially marked the emergence of the disease urethritis symptoms: severe pain, soreness and stinging and itching while urinating. Urination may also be the person that you feel uncomfortable in any other manifestation in the process. A similar feeling arises and genital organs and perineum.

Another important symptom is urethritis – this view, discharge in the urethra. With them a rich character. Depending on which one you mean, the pathogen provoked urethritis, discharge sometimes too baggy or too is scarce. During acute illness may be inflamed outer edges of the hole, and sagging. However, in some cases, Development never accompanied by urethritis secretions.

Urethritis diagnosis

Everyone hits each subsequent bole diseases inflammation in mucous membranes is an important part of the urethra. Therefore, it's increasingly obvious urethritis symptoms with each exacerbation. Therefore, adequate treatment methods with the disease, urethritis can cause complications.

Your urethritis symptoms treatment in terms of the manifestation of all kinds of diseases, some obvious clinical differences.

Thus, the main symptoms of acute urethritis in men and women strong a burning sensation and pain during urination, the presence of abundant discharge of urine, oedema, a marked redness of the lips, the urethra. A torpedo is a subjective urethritis common disease. They clearly, clearly, in some cases completely missing.

Subacute urethritis in this case, reduction of pain and edema of the urethra secretes a reduced amount. The shell itself is sometimes only in the morning. Urine transparent color, meet him in purulent thread.

Chronic urethritis, manifested as a result of the wrong approach or the complete lack of treatment because of severe neurotic phenomenon. The most common form of urethritis, urethral discharge existing small. They are more abundant, provided that some general factors that trigger disease. This can be excessive alcohol use, excitation, hypothermia. Urethritis symptoms in the chronic form often similar symptoms of urethritis.

Urethritis inflammation of the urethra as the total characteristic generally. This form of the disease, symptoms similar symptoms of prostatitis. Symptoms of urethritis in the absence of their own what is important to note this treatment may disappear. However, acute expression of disease symptoms always the next will be more powerful. As a result, serious complications may occur in patients with urethritis.

Urethritis diagnosis

Primarily to establish the correct diagnosis for the correct treatment. First and foremost, a doctor, try to understand, driven to the view, which causes urethritis patients. So, to establish the pathogen for the disease in different laboratory tests (Pap tests, diagnosis, DNA, PCR). You frequently doctor prescribed pelvic ultrasound to assess adequately holding their situation. The results guided the patient that is assigned to a specific treatment.

Treatment of urethritis

Treatment of urethritis

Treatment of urethritis the most efficient possible, it is necessary, first of all to determine what kind of infection is the urethra, which caused by an inflammatory process. Same schema therapy and treatment that is used in the treatment of urethritis, yeast infection, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and other diseases for a breeding system. That uses different drugs to fight the pathogenic microorganisms. First of all, this antibiotic effect antifungal and antiviral tools.

Treatment of urethritis due to sexual partners was important both in parallel with a high probability of transmission during sexual intercourse.

Specific and nonspecific urethritis is treated and guided with the same principles. This classification is important in terms of a certain choice of drug treatment for urethritis, there is a need to understand both, the patient's sexual partner.

The patient's history, diagnosis the combination of urethritis and cystitis, that's important, a comprehensive treatment approach. In this case, a doctor must practice throws, physical therapy treatments, as well as drugs of vaccination, bladder, and urethra. It may take a few days or a few weeks to complete the process of treatment: this depends on the severity of the disease.

Important the correct treatment and by the patient. Medication is not only effective, but also Harmony, prescriptions, doctor, diet, abstaining from alcohol, drink plenty of water.

Then the treatment is finished and all symptoms have disappeared the mandatory tests that must re-for the control of the patient's condition. This will help to eliminate an infection managed to be sure.